Friday, October 18, 2013

Men Swept Top Three
I dreamt of becoming engineer when I witnessed a drastic improvement in my mathematic score though there was a time when I scored full marks in my third grade. It was way back in 2003 when I was in 8th standard, when I stood second in mathematics and a topper in overall result in the class with 85%, impressive score. I was even shocked by my trial result when I stood third from the whole section that I defeated almost 160 students. I guess it was the first time I defeated millions of sperms. 
My mathematic score in 9th grade was impressive though didn’t met the expectation of favorite math teacher Mr. D. Pandian to score full marks. I just managed to score 92.5%. It is impressive score though left me dissatisfied. It was even my aim to score full marks. It is all because I had a teacher like him. I guess I had good score in other science subjects that would carry my dream forward. It left me upset when only source of inspiration left me in more depressed situation when he would no longer teach to me for he got a job in his own country. He is one irreplaceable teacher. His absence in my class gave ma shocking result when my math score dropped from 92.5% to 69% in annual. It shattered my dream of becoming engineer and I knew it is not for me.
I changed my career track after 10th standard though I managed 75% in science subjects. I pursued Arts subjects which I am also best known for. I was scolded by my physics teacher for leaving science. I was regretted looking back for which I would have wrongly believed in him. Later in 12th standard, I learned that it was never a mistake with the choice I made. It inspired me when Tshering Penjor, B.A. Geography (Hons) topped Bhutan Civil Service Examination (BCSE). By then, I only had a dream to pursue my higher studies in Sherubtse College, better known for Home of Intellectuals. Having selected to pursue B.A. (Economics & Geography) was dream come true. My easy climbing over the “Peak of Learning” was all because I had the toughest practice. It was quite good number that eight of us from the same class made to Sherubtse for many youth just remain as Dream College.
The college days was quite contract to life in schools though we missed it. Six of us joined the same course and formed a promising group of SIX-R. We teased; quarreled, fought, drunk quite often and even cheated for fun sometimes but at the end of the day we remained as united SIX-R. Today we remained close at each other’s heart though we me miss being together like once we did. The moments with my rascals occupies the center of all events in my life locked in my little heart for all time. I wish those opportunities comes once again to revive my life. I miss five of you so much.
We are academically brilliant eager to learn. I still remember how blind we would in the class just in the name of last minute preparation. I miss the turns we would take to bunk the classes. It doesn’t mean that we had degree for bunking classes. I still remember time when we would share lecture notes for exam preparation, the money for printing notes would have spent for drinking beer. Miss our walk towards view points, wrestling, innocent cry and funny laughter. We would remain texting, calling and informing each of us in semester breaks. I really miss the favorite Shercol brand “Punch”. Three years of college days was spent so thoroughly with full of energy, laughter, anger, and fun still willing should those days to come back to us.
Men Swept Top Three
But I was never out of my personal duties for I worried about. The past Sherubtseans has been topping BCSE as if like they are only BCSE aspirants. I came across the news titled “Women Swept Top Three” pasted on the plank wall of one of the shop in my gewog. I learned Mrs. Gaki Wangmo, B.A. Geography (Hons) has topped BCSE, 2009. She is currently Asst. Planning Officer in Gross National Happiness Commission. It inspired me, motivated and I wanted the news to titled “Men Swept Topped Three” in 2011. Yes, I achieved it though news titled “RCSC Toppers” but the first line of the news reads “Men swept the top three positions in this year’s civil service examinations”. I was that ambitious. I dedicate this small success of mine to my beloved mom, teachers, family, and friends for all their guidance, coaching and advices without which it would have just remained as big dream. It is the next significant achievement, the BCSE result that decided my career as Asst. Planning Officer. Today, I proudly work as Asst. Planning Officer with Royal Civil Service Commission, the Central Personal Agency of the government with immense proud, pleasure and frustration at times.
I want to lead my life as passionate laughter. Just want to see news title “Macro-Economist specialist Dr. Sonam Norbu is now the new CEO of the Bank of Bhutan Ltd”. I simply get mad with my new big dream which is less possible for I know. 

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